I am Peter Makemson and I am the owner of Mako Services. If you choose to use my company you get me. I am an Engineer with a mechanical and electrical background with 35 years experience.  


I spent six years as Island engineer in the Channel Islands, I was also a retained fire fighter for the states of Guernsey.


My responsibilities on the Island included the generation and distribution of electicity and water and the collection and treatment of sewerage for the whole island. My typical day could consist of replacing a set of taps in the hotel, unblocking drains at the pub, inbetween installing a new generator which supplied the island with its power.


My job was to ensure everything on the island ran smoothly, the list was endless, but heres a few to give you an idea: -


Vehicle maintenance of tractors and quad bikes

Maintenance of gardening equipment

Installing and repairing gas appliances (gas safe registered)

Bathroom and kitchen reburbishments

Installation and maintenance of oil boilers and Agas

Re-designing and repairing the sewer systems

Continuous improvments of infrastructure ie, fuel storage tanks and power cables


Prior to this I ran Mako Services property maintenance and plumbing in Derbyshire UK.




Installing fuel storage tanks

Redesign & installation of a Lead Valley